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Nearly everyone who is claiming themself as a podcast expert has never worked in a radio station, let alone for an internationally syndicated Radio Hall of Fame broadcast.  At Right Turn Media, we have a combined 65+ years of internationally syndicated & award winning media experience.

Media Strategy

Now more than ever people and organizations looking to build a brand need guidance on what media platforms to utilize.  Podcasting, Broadcasting, Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, Vimeo, Blogging, the list of potential places to focus in growing and trying to decipher which of those platforms are best for you can be daunting.  Let us come alongside you and help guide you based on your strengths-weaknesses and passions.  We’ll come up with a custom strategy that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Contact us today.

Professional Media Production

Anyone can say they’re a media editor/writer/producer/engineer, but we can only begin to tell you the awful work we’ve come across. from people claiming to be ‘professional.’  The same systems we used in internationally syndicated media to identify & mentor young talent have been integrated into Right Turn Media.  You can be assured that the same quality we featured on those shows, major radio networks, and award winning broadcasts will be provided to you at an affordable price.

Interview Prep & Coaching

Whether you’re interviewing a celebrity, an author, or some guy down the street, we can help with show prep, questions for consideration, and how to navigate an interview to make sure you glean the best stories from your guest.

Broadcast & Podcast Coaching/Consulting

Whether you are thinking of starting a show or want some honest feedback about how to improve the media you’re currently publishing, we can help!  Contact us today to get a personal quote.

Marketing You and-or Your Show

We’ve worked on marketing large broadcasts, large radio networks, and small startup podcasts … PLUS we’ve been the gatekeepers at the large media giants.  Are you interested in promoting your book or service on a national broadcast?  We can give you the tools to get on!  Interested in growing your podcast audience?  We can help!

We are here to help you fulfill your broadcasting & media potential!

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Our company provides personalized diagnoses and treatments for your media ills.

Steve Reiter

Steve has been working in internationally syndicated radio for almost 20 years.  He’s been nominated for numerous national broadcasting awards (won a couple), spent 12+ years working on a show that was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and helped lead a broadcast that (according to their radio marketing firm) was the largest rollout in radio history.

John Dale

John is a 20 year veteran of Christian radio and has worked with many Christian broadcasting organizations. In addition to his Program Director responsibilities with KTLF Light Praise, John is a sought-after audio production consultant and voice over artist.

John Tracy

With 16 years of international syndicated radio producing experience, John can show you how unforgettable stories can illustrate your point. He also brings tons of creative ideas to enhance your show’s unique personality, specializing in listener calls, dramatic elements, and interviewing guests on your program.

Justin Jeffrey

Justin was 15 years old when he approached Steve in order to learn more about audio production.  He passed the Focus on the Family edit test so well, had he been 18+, he would’ve been considered for a position.  Now in his early-20’s, he’s a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences and brings a great natural ear to his audio production clients.

Deana Williams

Management in Radio/TV, Publishing and Social Media. Creative Writer, Event Coordinator, Radio and Television/DVD Producer.  Deana’s skill set is diverse and she’s been successful everywhere she’s been.

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Right Turn Media provides much needed diagnoses and treatments to your media ills

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